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Bethany Cemetery Family,

I just wanted to let you know that our board is discussing prices for plot sales; we are going to limit the plots for sale to the areas where there are large vacancies so that we are sure not to sell plots where any of our “Missing Family” may be laid to rest.

I have printed off a cemetery map with list of those laid to rest and will be putting it inside our display case tomorrow! I am working on developing brochures as well to keep in a waterproof case attached to the display case. These brochures will have a bit of our cemetery history, a donation slip and hopefully plot sale information.

We had our story run in the Centralia, MO newspaper “The Fire Guard” about our missing plat book and our new $400 reward for its return. Since we have had difficulties reaching Charles Stewart to find out who had borrowed it and not returned it; I was hoping that if it was someone in the Centralia area, this may help locate it. I have had two people contact me so far requesting more information about it and are interested in helping us locate the plat book.

I was also contacted by a broadcasting student at MU. He was intrigued by our story and wants to do a “story” on our cemetery as a class project. I will be meeting him at the cemetery tomorrow afternoon to do a brief video interview. I am hoping we will get a copy to help use in our efforts to locate the plat book.

Bethany Cemetery Family Gary Roberts was able to spend some time at the cemetery recently and was able to level some stumps, trim some bushes and trimmed around several stones. My dad, Terry Burnett, and I were able to level a small handful of stones that got knocked out of place probably from the lawn mowing while we were there putting up the display case.

Since our fall cleanup day was cancelled due to rain, I believe the weather is getting too cold too fast for us to reschedule it for this year. So keep your eyes peeled for the spring cleanup date!

I will be posting this update on our website and Facebook page, and am hoping to have a “year-end review” letter to go out in December. We have had some amazing things happen with our cemetery this year and I am excited to see what the future holds….. hopefully the original plat book! J

Take Care!

  • Tracy Brookshier, Secretary

One thought on “Latest Updates

  1. Your message had some great news in it. I was able to print off the newspaper article you talked about. And the video interview is fantastic. Yes, it would be great if we got a chance to see it, too. You are doing a fantastic job, Tracy, my hat is off to you.


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