Seeking Fundraiser Donations

January 13, 2021

Dear Local Businesses,

The Bethany Cemetery Association is reaching out in hopes you may be willing to assist us in our upcoming fundraiser. We are asking for gift card donations of amounts $25 and up for a gift card basket raffle fundraiser.

Please contact Tracy Brookshier, Secretary by January 29th. 314-971-5886, or mail to PO Box 51, Bowling Green, MO 63334.

Our cemetery was nearly abandoned in 2015 and our new board members have strived hard since then to ensure this does not happen again. The donations we receive each year barely cover grounds maintenance and any extra we receive we try to save in case a year comes that we are short funds. Due to these lack of funds we have been unable to register as a non-profit at this time but hope we can in the future.

This fundraiser will help us work towards our big purchase goals of laying gravel on the cemetery roads, getting our not-for-profit established, and other cemetery maintenance/upgrade projects.

Our original plat-book has been missing since 2015 and we are weary of selling plots until we have it returned. If you have personal family ties to anyone who is laid to rest at Bethany Cemetery, we would love to hear your story. If you ever come across any information that could help us in locating our original plat-book, or that may help us in our attempt to re-create it we hope you will please let us know; that information is invaluable to the future of our cemetery. We are also offering a $400 cash reward for its safe return.

We hope you will continue to stay up to date with us online and ask to be put on our “Bethany Family Mailing List” via direct mail or e-mail. We are working very hard to ensure our Bethany Cemetery Family is not forgotten and thanks to our generous donors we are able to make that happen.


Tracy Brookshier, Bethany Cemetery Association Secretary

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