2021 Donation Drive & 2020 Recap

March 23, 2021

Dear Bethany Family,

It’s that time of year again and we are hosting our Bethany Cemetery Association Donation Drive! In this letter you will find a recap from 2020 and plans for 2021. Please be sure to let us know if you have any questions, comments, concerns or ideas regarding Bethany Cemetery!

As you know the cemetery care depends largely on donations. The amount we receive each year from our gracious donors just barely covers the maintenance and mowing expenses. We have been working on creative ways and fundraisers to help improve the cemetery as well as fixing problem areas that need attention so we ask you to continue your support for our small, local cemetery. We know many of you have a passion for family history as we do and we want to ensure our family members final resting place is cherished. Any amount you are willing to donate is appreciated; it all adds up!

The last year we have worked hard to share our issue of the missing plat-book and unknown burial locations of nearly 40 people. We have shared our story in multiple papers and radio. We are still offering a $400 Cash Reward for its safe return. We continue to work on our “Missing Families” in hopes we may be able to figure out where they are laid to rest. We also joined the Louisiana Chamber of Commerce to help gain more exposure.

One small project we worked on was the creation and installation of our display board. With the help of my husband and my dad we now have a nice display case that boasts our updated cemetery map and information on our cemetery. This spring I will have brochures added with donation slips. I was able to round up some volunteers this past fall as well to clean a good handful of tombstones and they look amazing!

We are currently working on a fundraiser, by the time you receive this letter it will have likely come to an end. Watch my emails for the latest update. We are hoping to raise enough money to fund some much needed larger projects such as laying gravel roads for ease of patrons visiting and less rutting during the wet season as well as fixing the outer fence. We are wanting to work on registering our cemetery association as a not-for-profit in the future as well so that we will be eligible for grant funding and donors can write it off on their taxes. There are also some small deteriorating stones that we would like to see replaced if we are unable to locate descendants to pay for the cost. These are all of our major goals and they may take us some time to complete but I am hopeful and determined to see these through to completion; even locating the missing plat-book (fingers crossed!)

We intent do start selling plots again, but only in designated areas where there is vast vacancy. In addition, we plan to offer “green burials” as an option as well; we hope this will make our cemetery more appealing to those seeking a more natural option for burial. I suggest doing some research on them if you have a chance and let us know your thoughts. I have also been doing research on tombstone repair and cleaning to ensure that we do not do any harm to these stones when cleaning, especially the older ones.

Our last CD’s came to end that we had to cash out which helps our bank account look pretty decent for now. I will attach the treasurer’s report within this letter. For the future we are trying to balance the use of these funds between needed projects and saving as much as possible knowing that we may not always have the donations coming in. Neil Anderson has agreed to continue to mow the cemetery for the same $100 per mow fee which will be helpful.

We have scheduled our Spring Cleanup Day for Saturday, May 22nd at 1:00 PM with a rain date of May 29th. We will be cleaning stones, weed-eating, clearing brush and debris, mending the fence and general tidying up of the cemetery. I would suggest bringing gallons of water, soft bristle brushes, tree trimmers, gloves and anything else you think may be helpful. If anyone has a small trailer to discard of the growing brush pile we have that would be great as well. Please let me know if you plan to attend you can text or call my cell phone any time!

We hope you will consider a donation to the Bethany Cemetery Association so that we can continue to keep up the maintenance and plan for future improvements. Donations can be sent to PO BOX 51, Bowling Green, MO 63334.  Make your check payable to “Bethany Cemetery Association” Also feel free to add if you would like your donation made in memory/honor of someone special! Lastly, remember to keep up with us on our new website www.bethanycemeterymo.com and facebook@BethanyCemeteryPikeMO !


Tracy Brookshier, Secretary    314-971-5886      

Lesli Fox, President     412-788-1277     

Patty Dortch, Treasurer     417-496-7153  

2020 Treasurers Report

INCOME Total: $4,663.47

  • CD-09: $1,000.000
  • CD-10: $500.00
  • Deposit: $2.70
  • Donations: $3,155.37

EXPENSES Total: $1,790.00

  • Business Expenses: $30.00
  • Mowing: $1,630.00
  • Grave Marking: $130.00

2020 OVERALL TOTAL INCOME: $2,873.47                

BALANCE TOTAL AS OF 12/31/2020: $12, 580.00


  • Terry Burnett & Tracy Brookshier – Installation of Display case
  • Katherine Brennen – In Memory of Mary & Bill Conner
  • Carolyn Puskas – In Memory of Mary & Bill Conner
  • Bess Gamm
  • Ronald & Ann Kooken – In Memory of Ron’s Mother, Frances Shaw
  • Rebecca Wood
  • Allan & Patricia Bolton
  • Patty & Dale Dortch
  • Lesli Stross – For donating her time to pack and donate envelopes for letters
  • Tracy Brookshier – Donated printing costs, time for developing website and postage for newsletters
  • Joyce Sweet & Family – Repaired the Shannon Mausoleum at no cost
  • Jeffrey Givens
  • Gary Roberts
  • Diane Shaw – In Memory of Fred & Lucy Beckner and Frances Schriever
  • Edith & Michael Buchanan – In Memory of Mom & Dad, John & Bertha Boots
  • Kenneth & Janice Conner
  • Joy Conner
  • Bess Gamm
  • Sharon Love – In Memory of John Christopher Muff & Family
  • Marie & Charles Moore
  • Carolyne & Don Puskas – In Memory of Mary & Bill Conner
  • John & Audrey Roberts
  • Ronald & Ann Kooken – In Memory of Ron’s Mother, Frances Shaw
  • Cheryl & Clifford Jennings – In Memory of Charles W. & Hazel Sutton Families
  • Lawrence & Jana Turpin
  • Wayne & Georgia Gamm
  • Maurice E. Craig
  • Tracy & Steve Brookshier (Created & Donated display case) – In Memory of the Burnett Family
  • Sandy Corum Buchanan & Kathy Corum Orf

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