Projects Underway!

The Bethany Cemetery Board has been working hard to get some much needed projects taken care of within the cemetery including a new fence and laying gravel for our families to easily visit their friends and family laid to rest here.

Ed Kerns with Kerns Construction has been contracted to do the dirt work necessary for our new road and Magruder Limestone has graciously agreed to donate the gravel. This will save us big money and we are extremely excited to see this project complete but with a current gravel shortage, we are unsure when we can expect it to be completed (insert sad face here). We are being as patient as we can be and are extremely thankful that our fundraiser last year went so well in order to be able to afford this much needed project.

We also recently had some very gently used 2 post, white vinyl fencing donated to us by the Bowling Green Convention & Visitors Center Bureau. Luckily it is more than what we need so we are extremely grateful! The Louisiana Boy Scouts Association has graciously agreed to help us with the installation of the fencing at no cost to us (other than any of the limited supplies we may need of course). This is pretty darn exciting too! The current fencing that lines the highway has many “band-aids” and needs to be replaced. We are happy to be able to replace it with something a little more pleasing to the eyes. If you are interested in helping out with this installation, I am sure that the organization would appreciate it, I know I plan to be there with my work boots to help if I can!

I have had a couple people reach out to me needing community service hours so I put them to work cleaning up stones within the cemetery and they have many of them looking very nice! If you know anyone needing community service hours please send them my way!

For now, these are the large projects that we are hoping to have completed by the end of 2022. With the continued generous donors we have, I have no doubt we will be able to keep this cemetery alive… or as alive as it can be 😉 .

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