Goodbye 2021!

Dear Bethany Family,

I hope you all are staying warm and are ready for the holidays! I want to personally wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I look forward to 2022 and the things our cemetery will be accomplishing over the course of this upcoming year including a new fence and road! I have listed all of our donors for the 2021 year and want to express extreme gratitude to those of you whom continue to donate to the cemetery each year; we literally could not do it without you all! I hope you will all encourage our “younger generations” to consider donations as well, and explain to them the importance of supporting our family’s final resting place for years to come. Request their mailing and e-mail addresses to stay up to date with us and encourage them to volunteer.

Our annual mailer campaign letters will be going out in just a few short months and I anticipate doing my best to organize another fundraiser raffle. As always, if anyone has any ideas, suggestions or concerns to help our cemetery revive please reach out to me any time! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Giving to those who cannot give back is the pure definition of giving.


  • Allan & Patricia Bolton
  • Carolyne (Conner) Puskas – In Memory of Mary & Bill Conner
  • Cheryl Jennings
  • Melissa Stoops – In Memory of Walter & Lora Boots
  • Maurice Craig
  • Jamie Tomek & Joyce Sweet
  • Vivian Marie & Charles Moore
  • Wayne & Georgia Gamm
  • Linda & Ronald Meier – In Memory of Paul, Irene & Homer Cash
  • Edith & Michael Buchanan – In Memory of Mom & Dad, John & Bertha Boots
  • Jamie Tomek & Joyce Sweet
  • Sharon (Muff) Love – In Memory of John Christopher & Katrina Muff
  • Rebecca (Muff) Wood – In Memory of the Muff Family
  • Maurice E. Craig
  • Marcia Burnett (Donation towards Fundraiser Raffle)
  • Mercantile Bank of Louisiana (Donation towards Fundraiser Raffle)
  • Two Rivers Marina (Donation towards Fundraiser Raffle)
  • Eolia Landscape & Supply LLC (Donation towards Fundraiser Raffle)
  • BHenke Photography (Donation towards Fundraiser Raffle)
  • Carolyne Puskas (Donation towards Fundraiser Raffle)
  • Jeffrey Applegate (Donation towards Fundraiser Raffle)
  • Mid-West Pest Professionals (Donation towards Fundraiser Raffle)
  • Forever Primitives & Luncheonette (Donation towards Fundraiser Raffle)
  • Sonya Gilbert/Roden & Fields (Donation towards Fundraiser Raffle)
  • Bibb-Veach & Collier Funeral Homes LLC (Donation towards Fundraiser Raffle)
  • Pike County Genealogical Society (Donation towards Fundraiser Raffle)
  • Bouquet Florist & Gift Shop (Donation towards Fundraiser Raffle)
  • Ink Therapy & Body Piercing (Donation towards Fundraiser Raffle)
  • Hair Creationz (Donation towards Fundraiser Raffle)
  • Gypsy Soul Salon & Boutique (Donation towards Fundraiser Raffle)
  • Gary Roberts

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