The “Do No Harm” stone cleaning basics

Cleaning tombstones and monuments has become quite popular among many individuals and groups. Some groups do it as part of reading cemeteries to gather historical documentation or as a way to beautify a cemetery. The best and easiest ways to accomplish this in the most “do no harm” manner that the Cemetery Conservators for UnitedContinue reading “The “Do No Harm” stone cleaning basics”

Bethany Cemetery gets noticed in Centralia

Since as far as we know, whomever was lent our plat-book from Charles Stewart of Centralia has yet to show up. We have been pushing our story into the public eye through newspapers, facebook posts, radio and more in hopes that the right person will see/hear it and know where it is. Since our latestContinue reading “Bethany Cemetery gets noticed in Centralia”


* The Bethany Cemetery Association Board has increased the cash reward to $500 as of July 2021. The Bethany Cemetery Association Board of Directors is announcing a $500 CASH REWARD for the safe return of our missing plat-book. It has been missing since early 2016 when it failed to be returned to a previous boardContinue reading “$500 CASH REWARD FOR MISSING PLAT-BOOK!”

Our latest meeting

Bethany Cemetery Association Meeting 8/19/2020 @ Pike County Health Dept. Conference Room In attendance were Tracy Brookshier, Lesli Stross, Bess Gamm & Carolyne Puskas (via phone); as well as Tracy’s children, Stevie Jane & Trace Brookshier. Tracy discussed the progress with our new facebook page, website and blog. We also discussed the progress with theContinue reading “Our latest meeting”

To our Bethany Family & Carolyne’s Farewell

July 7th, 2020 Dear Bethany Cemetery Family, The three of us on the Bethany Cemetery Association Board have been working very hard lately. We have spent countless hours on-site and behind the computers logging information and doing research in an attempt to re-create our missing plat book. We have been submitting information to asContinue reading “To our Bethany Family & Carolyne’s Farewell”

The Plat-Book Re-Creation Adventure

June 19, 2020 Tracy Brookshier, Secretary Although the many hours put into re-creating our missing plat-book where hot, my water bottle got warm, and I had to take a few breaks… it was fun seeing all the names, dates and inscriptions on all these tombstones. I am a weirdo and was having conversations with some,Continue reading “The Plat-Book Re-Creation Adventure”

The Missing Plat-Book Mystery.

March 25, 2020 Bowling Green Times Newspaper Article LOUISIANA—People with relatives buried in Bethany Cemetery have been trying since early 2016 to make improvements to the graveyard, but have not been able to achieve all their goals because of a missing plat book. The plat book is the registry of all the plots in theContinue reading “The Missing Plat-Book Mystery.”